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#14404 Hello

Posted by X3M on 21 November 2014 - 12:18 AM

Me still live.

You still live?

This forum... still live?


Yet, somehow I get the feeling this forum is more lively then Fed2k. :D

#214994 The Colorado River is not a water buffet. So why the 'first come, first s...

Posted by Terryseats on 12 October 2016 - 03:57 AM

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#12368 IPB 3.2.2 Upgrade

Posted by -FW-White on 26 September 2011 - 07:35 PM

Quick update, as you can probably tell, I've upgraded the forums to IPB 3.2.2.

Everything should be working as usual, but if there is something wrong, please do reply with it.

If you notice any slight glitches etc try doing a hard refresh of the forums (CTRL + F5) and see if that fixes it first.

One problem with the IPB 3.2 series is that the avatars shown in the topics get lost quite easily...so if yours has gone missing...just add it again!


#14224 KillingYou's Recruitment Topic

Posted by KillingYou on 14 November 2013 - 04:23 AM

(Nick)name: KillingYou
Skills: Sound Engineering
Position sought: Sound Artist
Experience: Freelance Artist; currently collaborating with Bluehell Productions
Activity level: Just about every day
Which mod you would like to develop: Any
Contact Details: Skype (grenadierstudios)

#14108 Emperor Renders

Posted by NodFan on 01 August 2013 - 03:17 PM

Check out this link somebody made, it has great renders of screenshots taken from the cutscenes of Emperor.



#14015 happy b-day E!

Posted by triattack on 18 May 2013 - 01:21 PM

happy b-day E! hope you have a good one

#13993 happy birthday triattack

Posted by Iheb96 on 15 April 2013 - 09:36 PM


#13940 Blog #121

Posted by TeamWolf on 02 February 2013 - 11:41 AM

Hey and welcome to yet another War of Assassins blog! In this update we have weapons and  a new script feature, but let's see them!


Atreides Binoculars


The Atreides Binoculars are the main equipment for the Atreides Scout. They are great at scouting maps and spotting incoming forces from afar. Model and texture by Venom775.





Atreides Repair Tool


The Atreides Repair Tool is the main equipment to repair buildings with for House Atreides. Carried by both Technician class and Engineer infantry, it is a moderate tool that repairs at a decent speed. Due to the function of technology in this time, an additional power/signal booster pack is needed. Model and Texture but Venom775.





Harkonnen Claymore


Another model by Venom is the Harkonnen Claymore. This anti personnel device is carried by the Harkonnen Engineer and is able to take down a single infantry unit per claymore. We are still deciding on if there should be red detection lasers projected from the front to make you more aware of the explosive, but it can be destroyed by almost every weapon.





Sprint Feature


Triattack has been working away on our scripts and we have finally finished and implemented sprinting! Sprinting does as it suggests, allows you to move faster across the map for a short period of time. While in this mode you can't use any weapons, but you gain a speed advantage.



This also allows us to slow down infantry walking speeds and not have to worry about it taking ages to get from one base to another. By doing this, infantry combat should play out a lot better due to less strafing left and right and so on.





We are currently recruiting new staff members and testers!

Staff we're looking for are:

-3D Modelers
-2D Texture Artists

If you are interesting in apply please apply in our Recruitment section or PM me here.



Another long goodbye...


That's it for yet another blog, we hope you enjoyed it! As always please keep following us here, IndieDB, Facebook and Twitter!

#13582 RTS

Posted by X3M on 08 December 2012 - 01:54 AM

Well, I like those games, so....

Simply going to ask....

Anyone here ever thought of creating a RTS out of notching?


It may even be on the level of dune2/wc2

#12165 Blog #113

Posted by TeamWolf on 29 August 2011 - 12:33 AM

Hello everyone, long time no see eh? We are sorry about our lack of updates and general communication to the public over the year. But we have been busy behind the scenes and working on getting our builds mainly. We have been putting a lot of work into balancing and polishing... But now for some visible updates!

Atreides Assault Rifle

We have looked over our first design of the Atreides Assault Rifle and felt that it just lacked the look we were after. So we went back to what we had seen from the Westwood renders and in the cut scene models, and have something we are much happier with!

Fz007 based this design off what we had to go from which was a sub machine gun version of the Famas. What do you think?

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

The Atreides Assault Rifle is the basic rifle for all Atreides Light Infantry. It is very accurate and fairly powerful, doing decent damage against most infantry types. It has two firing modes, it's primary being a full auto fast firing machine gun, and it's secondary being a slower more accurate rate of fire.


I have been working on BFD_Spice, one of our first maps. It was made back in 2009 and was seriously lacking in detail and much more. BFD_Spice is set in a small sink area with an old ruined settlement with high cliffs in the surrounding corner protecting the town from storms. There are a few low accessilbe rocky areas, based mainly in an open boxed out design. There is plently of Spice around for your Harvesters along with a small group of Fremen storehouses ontop of one of the rocks.

So to improve on the map, it now has added boarders, improved dunes and cliffs, temp texture work, a new tunnel and some props! This is what it looks like in it's current state.

Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

The textures aren't final and the map still needs some more cover.

Harkonnen Inkvine Catapult

BogdanV has recently joined the team, his first task was to rig and animate the Harkonnen Inkvine Catapult!

The Inkvine Catapult is the House Harkonnen's long ranged vehicle that fires barrels of Inkvine liquid that burst on contant posioning enemy units. The Inkvine liquid that happens to miss it's targets a burst on the ground can be shot to ignite that patch.


August Alpha Video

It's been a long time since we have made a video showing off gameplay footage. What better way to show off what we have been up to since our last update in November?

This is a video of our latest internal Alpha, Alpha 6. There are still a lot of things that need texturing and so on, but we are working on that slowly but surely. Enjoy!



That's it for this Battle for Dune: War of Assassins blog, we hope you enjoyed it and keep following us here on our site, over at Moddb and on Facebook!

#11889 tiberuim redux

Posted by shapoi on 23 June 2011 - 11:14 AM

ummm why no one posting here I KNOW IT'S SPAM

NOT SPAM: where can I get this?

#7201 Blog #105

Posted by TeamWolf on 03 March 2010 - 12:52 AM

Hey there, sorry for the late blog once again, things are going slow on my end! But don't worry, the rest of the work is hard at work and here is what they have done!


I'd like to welcome a new modeller onto the team, Fz007. He will be helping us out by modelling our weapons, here is his first model for us!

This 3rd person version of the Jackhammer will be used for our Harkonnen Engineer, but more on that another time!

Posted Image

Posted Image

As you can see it is a edited version, something more fitting with the Harkonnen!

Atreides War Factory

LR01 has been hard at work still on the Atreides War Factory basement, here is a small video showing off a WIP of the construction that will play whenever you buy an Atreides vehicle (the vehicle being contructed will change depending on what you buy).

Hey, check out this video. I thought you might like to watch it.
Atreides War Factory Basement Construction

And here is a WIP shot of the 1st floor, nothing much but a taster of what's to come.

Posted Image

Aprit Chard

I have been working on natural boarder designs and finally happy with what I have so I have started to map them out, I hope you feel the same!

Posted Image
Posted Image

Sorry for not texturing the mesh, should have some better renders next blog.

CnC FPS is Recruiting!

This should explain it all.


Made by Genesis2001/Zack.

Team Notices

I've been put onto double shifts at work again, damn people on holiday!

cnc95fan has had lots of rowing again and has little free time.

LR01 has been busy with buildings.

Fz007 is checking out the internal build and working on the Jackhammer's 1st person model!

New Gundam, Unicorn!!!

A link sent to me by Gork, it's in 3 parts and 50 mins in total, but it's looking very good so far so check it out!


#5736 Last Person to post wins!

Posted by cnc95fan on 05 October 2009 - 10:01 PM

*cheat name removed*

#228868 Hey 🅱️Eter

Posted by nibba on 12 August 2017 - 10:13 AM

A fan of the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic". Often male, but female fans are not uncommon. (plural: bronies)

Bronies usually show a want to be accepted as normal people, but don't appear to realise that to be treated the same as anyone else, they need to stop making sure everyone knows and remembers that they are a brony at all times, without fail. They also don't appear to understand that most people don't appreciate the internet being taken over by their fandom, which is another main cause for the hate of bronies.
Person: Oh hey, you seem pretty okay, want to talk?
Brony: Oh, hi! By the way, I'm a brony.
Person: Uh, thats... cool?
Brony: yeah, I watch FiM every day. Hey, who's your favorite pony?
Person: Uh... I don't watch it.

Brony: Oh, I should show you! Let me show you it, you'll love it forever!
Person: No really, I'm fine... can we talk about something else?
Brony: Ooh, look, something that looks vaguely pony shaped! It looks just like -pony name-!
Person: Okay... I'm done. *Walks away*

(In case you haven't noticed yet, this is a HINT. Please, bronies, listen to me, for the sake of yourselves and everyone else)
by HintHint September 05, 2013

#221612 301 Moved Permanently

Posted by BobbyAppef on 12 November 2016 - 02:20 PM

Ãîâîðÿ êîðîòêî, «Ïîäçåìêà» - ýòî ñêðûòàÿ ÷àñòü â Fallout 4. Äðåâëå ÷åì íà÷àòü ïðîõîæäåíèå ïîñëå «Ïîäçåìêó», åå ñëåäóåò îáíàðóæèòü. ×òîáû ýòîãî äîëæåí âûçäîðàâëèâàòü îäíó èç äâóõ ìèññèé: «Ìîëåêóëÿðíûé âûñîòà» ëèáî «Ïðîñåêà ê ñâîáîäå». Ìíîãèå èùóò â Ñåòè îòçûâ íà àëüòåðíàòèâà: «Íàïîäîáèå êîí÷àòüñÿ Ïîäçåìêó â Fallout 4»? Ïîäðîáíîå îïèñàíèå «Ïîäçåìêè» è ãàéä ñîîáðàçíî ïðîõîæäåíèþ ïîçâîëèòåëüíî âñòðå÷àòü, íàïðèìåð, çäåñü. Ãîâîðÿ êîðîòêî, «Ïîäçåìêà» - ýòî ñêðûòàÿ ÷àñòü â Fallout 4. Çàãîäÿ ÷åì íà÷àòü ïðîõîæäåíèå ðàäè «Ïîäçåìêó», åå ïîëàãàåòñÿ îáíàðóæèòü. Äëÿ ýòîãî äîëæåí âûçäîðàâëèâàòü îäíó èç äâóõ ìèññèé: «Ìîëåêóëÿðíûé óðîâåíü» alias «Ñòåçÿ ê ñâîáîäå». Êàêóþ áû èç äâóõ ìèññèé âû íå âûáðàëè, â ðåçóëüòàòå âåñü ðàâíî ïðèäåòñÿ îêàçàòüñÿ â êàòàêîìáàõ ïîä Ñòàðîé ñåâåðíîé öåðêîâüþ.  ïîäâàëàõ îáèòàåò ñêîëüêîíèáóäü ãóëåé, êîòîðûõ íàäî çàñòðåëèòü èç äðîáîâèêà. Íàéäÿ áîëüøóþ êíîïêó ñ êîëüöîì â ñòåíå («Ïåðñòåíü ñâîáîäû»), äîëæåí ââåñòè êîäîâîå ñëîâî RAILROAD. Çàòåì ýòîãî îòðóá ñòåíû îòúåäåò â ñòîðîíó è îòêðîåò âõîä â ïîòàéíîé êîðèäîð. Çäåñü âàñ æäåò âñòðå÷à ñ Äåçäåìîíîé (ëèäåðîì îðãàíèçàöèè) è áîéöàìè «Ïîäçåìêè». Âíà÷àëå îíè áóäóò îòíîñèòüñÿ ê âàì ñ íåäîâåðèåì, íî çàòåì, êîãäà óâèäÿò, êîòîðûé âû íå âðàæåñêèé ðàçâåä÷èê, íà÷íóò ïîðó÷àòü âñå áîëåå îòâåòñòâåííûå ìèññèè. Îñíîâíàÿ ïðîáëåìà «Ïîäçåìêè» - îñâîáîæäåíèå ñèíòîâ, êîòîðûõ ëèøàåò ñâîáîäû è ìó÷àåò Èíñòèòóò. Òîëüêî íà ýòîì ïóòè ó ÷ëåíîâ «Ïîäçåìêè» åñòü ìîãóùåñòâåííûå âðàãè: âûøåóïîìÿíóòûé Èíñòèòóò è ðàòíûé ðàçðÿä Áðàòñòâî ñòàëè. «Ïîäçåìêå» ñëîæíî ïðîòèâîñòîÿòü èì â îòêðûòóþ, ïîýòîìó åå áàçà òùàòåëüíî çàêîíñïèðèðîâàíà.  õîäå ïðîõîæäåíèÿ êàìïàíèè âàì ïðåäñòîèò âûïîëíèòü ñëåäóþùèå ìèññèè: «Àãåíòóðíàÿ ïðîäóêò» - ïåðâîå çàäàíèå, â êîòîðîì íàì íàäî äîáûòü îðãàíèçàöèÿ îêîëî íàçâàíèåì «Ïðîòîòèï Êàððèíãòîíà». «Íî÷íîé Áîñòîí» - äîñòàâëÿåì ñêëàäêà â óêàçàííîå ðèñòàëèùå, ïîòîì ïîìîãàåì ïåðåïðàâèòü ñáåæàâøåãî ñèíòà â áåçîïàñíóþ ëîêàöèþ. Äåéñòâèå «Òèêîíäåðîãà» - íóæíî èñêàòü ñòàíöèþ «Òèêîíäåðîãà», ñ êîòîðîé ïî÷åìó-òî ïðîïàëà ñâÿçü.  èòîãå îêàçûâàåòñÿ, ñêîëüêî ñòàíöèÿ çàõâà÷åíà âðàæäåáíûìè ñèíòàìè-îõîòíèêàìè, è íàäî èõ âñåõ óíè÷òîæèòü. «Îêîëî çåìëåé è ïåðåä ïðèêðûòèåì» - âñòðåòèâøèñü ñ àãåíòîì îðãàíèçàöèè, óçíàåì, êîòîðûé æèâî íà «Ïîäçåìêó» íàïàäåò Êðóæîê ñòàëè. «Íà ãðàíè âîéíû» - íåîáõîäèìî îòðàçèòü ñîëäàò íàïàäåíèå Áðàòñòâà Ñòàëè íà áàçó «Ïîäçåìêè» è îâëàäåâàòü èõ âèíòîêðûë. «Áàãðîâûé ñïîëîõ ðàêåò» - íàäî çàìèíèðîâàòü êîðàáëü Áðàòñòâà ñòàëè è âçîðâàòü åãî. «Êðèòè÷åñêàÿ êóñîê» - ôèíàëüíàÿ ïîðó÷åíèå, â êîòîðîé, íåîáõîäèìî óíè÷òîæèòü Èíñòèòóò ïîäçåìíûì ÿäåðíûì âçðûâîì.  Fallout 4 óæèíàòü è ïðîòèâîïîëîæíàÿ âîçìîæíîñòü èãðàÿ èççà Èíñòèòóò, óíè÷òîæèòü áàçó «Ïîäçåìêè».  òàêîì ñëó÷àå Äåçäåìîíà è åå ñîðàòíèêè ïðåäñòàíóò ÷òîáû âàñ â îáðàçå âðàãîâ è áóäóò óáèòû. Fallout 4 ïðåäëàãàåò ñêîëüêîíèáóäü ñîâåðøåííî ðàçíûõ ñöåíàðèåâ ïðîõîæäåíèÿ èãðû. https://spartagaming...mku-v-fallout-4

#218889 Correlates of Job Satisfaction

Posted by Larryhem on 28 October 2016 - 08:43 AM

A Waste of Paper, Toner, and Postage green christmas wrapping paper box manufacturers By Carro Ford Weston March 31, 2006 -- Did you recognize you employ a friend in Washington? Jennifer Bradey recently joined PIA/GATF as Manager of Grassroots and Political Affairs, and her mission would be to make printers more profitable by shaping legislation. This is often a new role inside the association, as well as a manifestation of PIA/GATF's deal with increasing its presence on Capitol Hill. According to Bradey, her role would be to solidify our base of support among commercial printers, both through their active political participation and political contributions. Additionally, I serve for an industry representative on various pro-print, pro-business coalitions, and work to involve the PIA/GATF affiliate network in advocacy efforts. We are re-vamping our government affairs efforts and reinvesting our members in political action, Bradey explained. Our renewed vision of 'Raising the Political Power of Print', which we shall unveil within the coming months, is a component of the integrated plan combining political involvement, grassroots action and industry viability. Get Involved Note the definition of, grassroots. That means you! And Bradey has plans to obtain you more involved. In the coming months, we are going to be having a 'Key Contact' program among our affiliates, and asking them to adopt an even more prominent role previously before in grassroots activism. PIA/GATF work is focused in the national level, but you can find 29 affiliates to whom they give counsel on state legislative initiatives. We possess a great core band of active grassroots volunteers who maintain great relationships using lawmakers. As an association, it can be incumbent for us to facilitate more involvement as well as to deliver the various tools necessary for your members. We hope to determine increasing participation when we unveil our new grassroots resources which will help it become easier previously to obtain involved. There can be a quantity of few things printers can perform on the grassroots level: * Join any local PIA/GATF affiliate * Attend the June legislative conference in Washington, D.C. * Learn more to do with PrintPAC, the political action committee that plays a part in candidates for office * Communicate with the lawmakers regarding legislation affecting your online business. Resources are offered at: http://www.capwiz.com/printing/home/ * Participate in Town Hall meetings if your Congressman is back as part of your district * Write letters to editors of local media for increased political visibility inside community Member-driven Advocacy So how must they've known what things to lobby for? Our advocacy is strictly member-driven, Bradey declared. We hear the concerns of the member companies, represent them on Capitol Hill, and work to acquire them involved through writing their lawmakers, and also other grassroots efforts. As both constituents and business people, commercial printers employ a huge stake from the legislative process. It isn't enough to only vote in a election, although that is certainly of monumental importance. We have again partnered together with the U.S. Chamber's grassroots initiative, 'Vote for Business', with the 2006 election cycle. The goal to involve businesses in 'Get Out The Vote' efforts for pro-business campaigns this fall. I think our members might find accomplishment and great exposure out of this partnership. Brady also carries a arrange for bringing Capital Hill for you. The 'Host a Facility Tour' can be something we are going to begin working on inside the coming year. Printers can invite a lawmaker to tour their facility and rehearse their expertise to go into detail their items and procedures. This is really a mutually beneficial chance of the business proprietor plus the lawmaker, and that we hope to produce these tours at numerous companies in the near future. Interested individuals should check out my website, and I could well be happy simply to walk them through the whole thing within the process. PULL QUOTE: The 'Host a Facility Tour' is often a cover bringing Capital Hill on the print shop floor. Do Something As we've seen inside news lately, there is often a proper way along with a wrong method to influence the method of government, and Bradey knows a great deal around the better solution to lobby. Being heard on Capitol Hill demands the collective voice of a qualified group who communicate frequently and effectively through letters, cell phone calls, as well as a selection of other methods, she said. Bradey features a seasoned adoration for her goal. I think it's tremendously necessary for printers to consider ownership on the political process now in excess of ever. One of my personal favorite political quotes is Hubert Humphrey's 'Government can perform something to help you you, or government is capable of doing something to hurt you, but government will almost certainly take a step.' What is whithin Congress, despite the length of time removed it could seem from mainstream America, will get a new important thing of the business. We must advocate to be sure our interests are represented because nobody else will almost certainly undertake it for people --it's both our challenge and our opportunity. A Grassroots Pro Bradey knows what she's dealing with. She concerns PIA/GATF in the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action. The NRA is consistently ranked by news journals and individuals Congress because the Number One lobbying entity on Capitol Hill. I served like a Grassroots Coordinator where I coordinated volunteer activity in 15 states and represented the association in public areas speaking engagements and debates nationwide. As a smaller part of your top-notch grassroots mobility campaign, I have witnessed effective grassroots power in working order and am an organisation believer that anybody are capable of doing something. Admittedly, my new responsibilities intend being tough. Politics is just not often seen because best or transparent universe, she mused. However, I've seen the success printers have previously had on Capitol Hill, and through the members I've met up to now, I am very certain that we are able to strengthen that role. Doing More We are going to be asking printers to try and do in excess of they've have you been asked –understanding that is not always the fun job to obtain. We will probably be getting people to offer money, but essential, we will likely be asking the crooks to give their time. The thing to consider is the fact that everyone is capable of doing something, as well as the political process is quite a bit less painful than many may realize. Once you adopt ownership inside the process, this process may be quite fun, to never mention beneficial. One on the ways she hopes to have printers involved is always to begin a dialogue with him or her as well as the Washington, D.C. office. I anticipate meeting more in our members throughout this revitalization process. I would like to hear at their store, she declared. We are here to represent them, so we should instead understand what's on their own minds, both bad and good. It's going to become big challenge, but depending on past successes, it really is definitely attainable. Our office in D.C. is often available to the members, and that we love to know their suggestions. I might be reached directly at (703) 519-8105 or via email at mailto:jbradey@printing.org. So given that you've got a brand new friend in Washington, it's probably a great idea to keep in touch. ,Current Dollar/Year Change in Corporate Cash Flow corrugated box manufacturers custom box packaging printing-in-china.com As advances in technology keep drive the desire for graphic communications companies to redefine their businesses, their strategic focus together with their new revenue streams necessitates that new jobs be created and filled. These jobs, many times require skills, knowledge and expertise we’ve not recruited for from the past. Furthermore the workforce as viewed generationally is usually experiencing an important transition; the Baby Boomer Generation is starting to retire and taking with him or her an array of experience, competence and certainly the task loyalty that they've always exhibited. ,product packaging boxes gift wrapping paper

#13933 IPB 3.4.2 Upgrade

Posted by -FW-White on 24 January 2013 - 09:55 PM

If you haven't noticed, I have just finished upgrading the forums to IPB 3.4.2.


I have also installed an updated version of our old skin, and made the appropriate amendments to ensure it looks like it did before the upgrade.


If there are any bugs, please remember to do CTRL+F5, and if that doesn't work post here or nag at me emot-3.gif

#13518 Blog #119

Posted by TeamWolf on 28 November 2012 - 12:53 AM

Hey there and welcome to this Battle for Dune: War of Assassins. We're sorry for our recent silent, but silent normally means progress behind closed doors.

Atreides Mongoose

Venom775 has been seriously hard at work like always, this time he's been working on the Atreides Mongoose. For awhile we've been needing a redesign for this unit due to how boxy it is in Emperor: Battle for Dune. Venom has managed to give it a great new look and texture job!

The Mongoose is the main armored battle unit for House Atreides, being effective against ground units and air units due to it's tracking missiles.

Posted Image

Atreides Minotaurus

Long with the Mongoose, the Atreides Minotaurus has had a redesign! We have gone for a more Hawk look with the Mino to fit the theme of House Atreides.

The Minotaurus is The Atreides' Artillery unit, a slow moving mech which is heavily armored. The perfect unit for long ranged attacks!

Posted Image

Atreides Repair Vehcile

The Atreides Repair vehicle is something we were always unsure about design wise, because it was just pretty much a big box with arms. With a complete redesign and amazing texture job, Venom has done a fantastic job with it!

The Repair Vehicle is a key support vehicle on the Battlefield. This is the only unit in the game that is able to repair vehicles, it can also deal damage to enemy units.

Posted Image

Ordos Shield Fence

Venom has modeled the Ordos Shield Fence for building interiors, to make sure infantry don't fall down slopes and off edges! These cool little building props are styled in an Ordos fashion and are used for slopes, room separating along with semi protecting Cloning Vats and Main Frames.

Posted Image

Atreides Sniper Rifle

The Sniper Rifle is the special weapon of the Atreides. It is a high powered, large caliber bullet firing, long ranged weapon. With a 1 bullet chamber, this weapon has a very slow reload time but can take down an infantry in one headshot!

Posted Image

Atriedes Engineer Repair Case

The Atreides Engineer Case is a limited piece of equipment due to the strictures on technology by the Great Convention. This case will be used to repair buildings and capture Sub Faction buildings to gain new units. The model and texture are by Venom775.

Posted Image

5 Years in the Making!

Battle for Dune: War of Assassins is officially 5 years old today and still going strong! To mark this occasion we will be getting onto Emperor: Battle for Dune whenever possible. We'll try and post up some times at some point but be sure to keep a lookout for us for those guys who still play it!

We will also be releasing a video and some ingame shots of our latest internal build that has just been released to the testers!

Side Note & Recruiting

I recently saw that our Twitter page had been spammed by bots advising online fake jobs. We apologize for this and have corrected the issue.

We are currently recruiting new staff members and testers!

Staff we're looking for are:

-3D Modelers
-2D Texture Artists

If you are interesting in apply please apply in our Recruitment section or PM me here.

The Ultimate Kwisatz Haderach

That's it for this update, thanks for following us and be sure to keep following us here, IndieDB, Facebook and Twitter!

#12706 happy b-day max

Posted by triattack on 30 November 2011 - 09:46 AM

happy b-day

#12095 mIRC

Posted by Tecness2 on 14 August 2011 - 05:26 PM

Get the irc server back!
That is all for irc.

Would any of you mind playing a big game of Scud Storm with a few members of St0rm? (If I can get a few :P)